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Do i need to register an account?

Yes, it’s better if you register an account with us. But if you don’t want to, it’s also OK to make a purchase.

Is it safe to use your website?

Yes, the website is using 256-bit encryption, and the system is updated automatically. For privacy, please check our privacy policy. We don’t store any sensitive data on this website server, except the essential information for order and shipping purposes. The payment process will not be handled on this website.

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What is difference between shiny and matte?

For a stone resin bathtub, a matte finish is a smooth surface but it doesn’t reflect light. While the shiny finish is a more smooth surface that may look like a mirror. For natural stone, polished surface and honed surface are similar to shiny and matte.

How can i get a drawing for my bathtub before i buy?

It’s difficult for us to upload the bathtub drawings directly on the product page. If you need the product drawing please contact us.

Can i custom a bathtub?

Yes, it’s possible, but only for natural wood bathtubs and natural stone bathtubs as they are handmade. Other bathtubs are precast by pouring materials into a mold, it’s costly to make a new mold, so it’s more suitable for big orders.

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Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship to most countries in the world as long as we have shipping lines to get there. Please give us your address including your postcode, then we will tell you how to deliver your bathtub. We can even deliver to your door if our shipping company provides such a service.

How do you deliver my bathtub?

We can offer shipping by sea, by air, or by train and truck to most countries. Depending on your location, we will compare and choose the most suitable delivery methods for your bathtub order. In most cases, it will be shipped by sea, and when the bathtub arrives at your nearest port, our shipping company will contact you to pick it up or they can arrange shipping from the port to your door.

How long can i receive my bathtub?

For most bathtubs, it requires 10-20 days to produce. Shipping by sea will take 5-30 days to various seaports in different countries. We will let you the total lead time for your order before you make the purchase. But it’s better that you place the order in advance.

How do you ensure that i will get a perfect bathtub?

Your bathtub will be produced in our professional bathtub factory, and the quality will be double-checked before leaving the factory. Then it will be packed carton box with a protective bubble wrapper or similar filler material, then it will be packed in a sealed strong plywood box. We will send you clear photos of the bathtub and packing process.

Is it a good idea to buy a bathtub from you?

Quality: all our bathtubs are made only in our professional bathtub factories with rich export experience, some of them are OEM manufacturers for famous brands. Price: our price will be always affordable based on the design and quality. It might not be the cheapest, but it will be worth its value and relatively cost-effective. Service: we will be very thoughtful from pre-sale consultation, production, and installation & maintenance. Convenient: ordering from us in most cases is like you buy other products online. Submit the order, make payment, and wait for the delivery.

How much should i pay for my bathtub?

The total cost you should pay for your bathtub includes the product cost, shipping cost(we will get a shipping quote from the shipping company and get back to you), and import duty(which will be collected by the customs authorities in your country). In most countries, we can deliver to your door, If our shipping company doesn’t include the cost from the port to your door, you should also pay this fee.

How do i place my order?

Once you’ve registered an account with us, please add your shipping address in your account dashboard, tell us which product you like, then we can create an order for you to make payment. Or you can directly tell us which product you’re interested in, and provide your name, email, telephone, and shipping address, so we can send you the order with cost details.

Others Questions

What if i get the wrong product or it's damaged?

The possibility is nearly zero. We check all order details carefully and pack them carefully before shipping. If such rare situation occurs, we will give you full refund or replacement without hesitation.

How do i install my bathtub?

Most of the tubs are heavy and you need to hire a professional plumber. The installation process is actually very simple, move the tub in the bathroom, connect the pipe to the floor trap, and that’s it.

How do i maintain my bathtub?

Most of our bathtubs are maintenance-free. Meaning that you don’t need special care and protection for the bathtub in daily use. Anyway, we still will send detailed maintenance instructions to you.